When our farmers first established De Graafstroom Dairy in 1908, they were building much more than simply a place where they could sell and process their milk. De Graafstroom became a solid link between our farmers, our people, our buyers and other business connections and our environment. It’s a tie that still binds us today. Our past has taught us that, by opening our minds and hearts to others, and by working with others, we can build many things – very many things.

De Graafstroom is a symbol of the trust and united effort of, and between, our farmers, our people, our buyers and other business connections and our environment. Together, we work hard to produce honest and delicious products with a solid, healthy profit, yet with respect for people, animals and our planet. We dare look beyond the obvious – just as we did in 1908. We want to keep the things we have borrowed from the planet in good condition, so we can pass them on to the next generation. This is good stewardship, the foundations we have built in our (green) heart for our work in the future.


De Graafstroom Dairy has joined 50 other businesses who are dedicated to making the food industry more sustainable and have signed, to that end, a letter of intent called “In De Versnelling” (“Acceleration”) drawn up by the Federation of the Dutch Food Industry (FNLI, Federatie Nederlandse Levensmiddelen Industrie). This letter of intent states, among other things, that sustainability is incorporated into our mission, that we pursue a policy of sustainability and that we will publish reports on it every year.


The food industry has been actively working to make its production processes and chains more sustainable. The FNLI and its members want to be in a lead position in Europe by 2015. To achieve these ambitions, it is essential that the food industry incorporates sustainability more and more firmly in its day-to-day operations and shows the outside world what it is doing. The FNLI has launched the “Acceleration” project to boost and accelerate that process.

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