The village of Bleskensgraaf in Zuid-Holland

De Graafstroom Dairy was built in the Zuid-Holland village of Bleskensgraaf in 1908. Bleskensgraaf is right in the centre of the Netherlands’ green heart, the Groene Hart region, a unique area of approximately 180,000 hectares characterised by peat meadows. The Groene Hart region is a typical landscape with pastures that are only just higher than the water in the ditches. The linear pattern of the plots, which are separated by ditches, dates from when the region was first farmed, around the year 1000. This exceptional landscape features lots of windmills, but who could possibly image our lovely countryside without our cows?

With our principles of sustainability in mind, we believe that the distinctive character of this region should be preserved. That’s why we are sponsors of Kinderdijk.


If you would like to enjoy our beautiful Groene Hart region, download a lovely bike trail here.