This Privacy Policy contains information about personal data processing for commercial and marketing purposes and about personal data processing in connection with recruitment and selection of staff by, or commissioned by, De Graafstroom or one of De Graafstroom’s affiliated companies. 

De Graafstroom processes and uses personal data for the following purposes:

1. Information about De Graafstroom’s products and services 

If you have granted permission do so, or if you have shown interest in our products and services in any other way, we will use your personal data to send you information about De Graafstroom’s activities, products and services and those of De Graafstroom’s affiliated companies and immediate business partners. Where possible, we shall match that information to your preferences. 

2. Order processing

If you order products or services from De Graafstroom or De Graafstroom’s affiliated companies, we shall process your personal details, such as your contact details, so we can process your order.

3. Answering questions 

If you ask us a question, we shall use your contact details, so we can send you an answer.

4. Preferences

We use your personal data, so we can send you relevant information that has been adapted to suit your preferences. Where applicable, we have commissioned third parties to create “adapted target groups” by means of Social Media platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn targeting), where we can display (personalised) advertisements. 

5. Login details 

To be able to use certain De Graafstroom applications, you need to register and log in, so we need your personal date for logins and identification. 

6. Recruitment & Selection

We process the personal data that is relevant for handling your job application: first name, surname, address & place of residence, email address, telephone number, C.V. and personal motivation. If you are invited to a job interview, we may ask you to tell us more about certain sections of your C.V., such as relevant education, internships and your work experience. 

A job applicant's personal data may be collected by means of the submitted job application, notes made during personal interviews with the applicant, more detailed information acquired during the application process and by consulting public sources. Personal details supplied during an application process may be shared with employees at De Graafstroom who are directly involved in the application process. An applicant’s details may be shared within De Graafstroom to see whether the job applicant is eligible for a position at De Graafstroom other than the job for which the applicant applied.

We believe it is essential, for some positions, to test the competencies relevant to that position by means of an assessment. If an assessment is part of the application process, the applicants will be notified at the beginning of the process. Once consent has been granted, the personal data necessary for the assessment will be disclosed to the assessment agency.

7. Technical and statistical purposes

We use personal data for the technical and functional management of our web applications for which you have subscribed. We can manage and improve the quality of our web application with the help of that information. In addition, we might use personal data for statistical research, so we can improve our recruitment and selection procedure.

8. Legal obligations

We shall use your personal data if we are forced to comply with a statutory obligation, in the event of a possible breach of a third party’s (intellectual property) rights or at the request of the authorities. 

9. Events 

We use your personal details, so we can invite you to events and, if you take part, for the organisation of that event; we may share your personal date with other participants in such cases.

Third-party access to your personal data

De Graafstroom and De Graafstroom’s affiliated companies use third parties for processing operations, such as hosting, translations, recruitment and other services. De Graafstroom and De Graafstroom’s affiliated companies implement the required organisation and contractual measures to guarantee that your personal data is protected and that it is only used for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

De Graafstroom and De Graafstroom’s affiliated companies operate internationally and share personal data if it is required for supplying you with the aforementioned information, products and services.

If it is required by law, we will share your personal data with the relevant authorities.

Retention of your personal data

We use and store your personal data for the aforementioned purposes for as long as is necessary for the aforementioned purposes. If you take part in a job application procedure, we shall delete your personal data no more than four weeks after the application process has ended. If you give us written consent, your personal data will be stored for twelve months in a secure environment for the purpose of informing you about new job vacancies and/or a new job application process.

Links to third parties’ websites and Social Media

De Graafstroom’s website contains links to third parties’ websites. This Privacy Policy does not apply to those third parties’ websites. De Graafstroom is not responsible for those third parties’ websites or for personal data processing conducted by those third parties’ websites.


De Graafstroom has implemented suitable technical and organisational precautions to prevent loss or unauthorised processing of personal data. To that end, De Graafstroom uses various security technologies, including secure servers, firewalls and encryption, and physical security at the locations where personal data is protected.


Like many other websites, we also use cookies for things like optimising the user experience, for which we only use cookies with a technical aim - we will not to follow or store your behaviour.


If you have any questions or if you do not wish to receive any more information about De Graafstroom’s products or services, please get in touch with on at You may also ask us for a list of your personal data, ask us to change it, transfer it or delete it. In addition, you have the right to submit a complaint to the regulatory authority; in the European Union, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA, Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

This Privacy Policy may undergo changes from time to time; the last change took place on 24 May 2018.